Moving to Brighton, Michigan? Here’s 9 Reasons Why You’ll Love It!

If you’re moving to Brighton, Michigan whether for a job transfer, coming from out of state, or simply moving to Brighton from another Michigan location, there are many reasons why you’ll certainly love calling Brighton home. The following list provides just a few of the many qualities that residents of Brighton have grown to love.

Prime Location

Real estate is all about location. If you’re moving to Brighton, Michigan then you are probably aware of where it is on a map. But just how great is the location? Well, let’s check out some commute times:

  • Brighton to Ann Arbor: 24 minutes
  • Brighton to Detroit: 43 minutes
  • Brighton to Lansing: 43 minutes
  • Brighton to Flint: 37 minutes
  • Brighton to Grand Rapids: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Brighton to Chicago: 4 hours

So, how’s that for a centrally located city? Brighton, Michigan is located near most major cities in the state. Many people who work in Ann Arbor, Detroit, or Lansing live and play in Brighton. To many it is well worth the drive to enjoy everything Brighton has to offer. Brighton is on the I-96 corridor in Michigan, one of the major arteries through the state, and most attractions and other major cities are located on this corridor as well. If you need to get to a bigger city for a long weekend, even Chicago is a modest car ride away.

Winter Sports and Activities

If you are moving to Brighton you may already be a winter sport enthusiast. If you’re not from Michigan or moving Moving to Brighton Mt Brighton from a warmer climate, you’ll probably soon become a winter sport enthusiast. Sure, the winter can seem long but it is a lot more fun when you make the most of it and get out and enjoy it.

The most popular attraction in Brighton during the winter is Mt. Brighton. Mt. Brighton is a ski and snowboard center owned by the Vail Resorts in Colorado. A recent $10 million-dollar update to the ski trails and facilities make it the place to be on a snowy winter day. If skiing isn’t for you no problem, stay warm with a beverage in the spacious bar and lounge area that overlooks the trails. Then you can come back in the summer and enjoy a unique and challenging experience at the Mt. Brighton golf course.

For those who grew up around here, hockey is very popular. Whether you like getting out on a frozen lake or pond or skating or go to the Kensington Valley Ice House for some pickup or adult league hockey, you can get your fix in Brighton

Watersports and Lake Fun

If you’re coming from somewhere where you get out on the water frequently to enjoy boating, fishing, wakeboarding, or any other activity on the water, then moving to Brighton will be a breeze. There is an abundance of lakes in Brighton and the surrounding area. 290-acre Woodland Lake is located just north of the city and is a very popular summer spot for boating and water sports. The sandbar makes for a great anchor spot for boats and friends. All-sports Brighton Lake near downtown is over 600 acres and a haven for summer activities. What’s great is the proximity to downtown. After a day out on the lake you can cruise right to town and enjoy the nightlife.

Great Shopping

For those who love to shop, hopefully you aren’t a shopaholic because living in Brighton won’t help your addiction. What I’m saying is there are tons of stores in the area, from the big box stores to small boutiques downtown which means if you are looking for something specific, you’re likely to find it in Brighton. Green Oak Village Place has many stores including the anchors JC Penny, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Home Goods, and favorites such as Victoria’s Secret and Men’s Wearhouse. Just across the highway you’ll find Kohl’s and Costco as well.

Along Main Street in downtown Brighton you’ll find many shops such as Impulse Boutique, CW Interiors, The Artisan’s Bench, and Triple Diamonds Alpaca Boutique, to name a few. Small businesses play a major role in the Brighton community and residents love to get out and show their support.


Most avid golfers are aware that Michigan is a very popular golf state. What most don’t know is that with over 650 public courses, Michigan has the most of any state. In terms of total golf courses, Michigan ranks 3rd, behind only Florida and California. Not bad for a state where golf is only played about half the year. Despite being a northern state and not typically associated with golf as the warmer states, we sure get our fill of golfing whenever weather permits. Brighton has several golf courses for you to try ouMoving to Brighton Golf Oak Pointe t no matter what degree of difficulty you prefer. So if you like to play regularly, then moving to Brighton will be a perfect fit for you.

Oak Pointe Country Club is a private course and those who live in the community have the option of getting a golf membership. Not only does it provide access to its two championship courses, but as a Club Corp community, you’ll also get access to over 200 golf and country clubs, business and sports clubs across the country. Take my advice and don’t get too frustrated at the Honors Course. Ball placement is everything and the course is not forgiving. I do promise that you will enjoy the landscaping and setting of all the holes.

Huntmore Golf Club is north of the city a few miles and was opened in 2008. I can’t forget to mention the practice range either. The extremely well-kept driving range is complemented by a short game area and putting green. In my opinion, it is one of the best in the area. The course itself is also well maintained and features many different challenges on the holes.

Real Estate Affordability

Home prices and real estate market stability is something you want to investigate before moving. Moving to Brighton, Michigan means moving to an area that has experienced stable home values. What’s great about Brighton is that no matter what price range you’re looking in, there is plenty to choose from and home prices are less than comparable homes in Oakland County and metro Detroit. You’ll find everything from entry level housing for first time buyers to luxury custom homes.

In 2016 the median sale price in the Brighton school district was $286,750. The lowest sale value was $59,000 and the highest was $2 million. The average time on market was 62 days. Homes are selling faster and for more money when you consider that in 2015 the median sale price was $249,950 and the average time on market was 66 days.

Homes for Sale in Brighton, MI


If you have school age children more than likely you want to be assured that they attend a great school district, after all, they’re our future! So, if you’re moving to Brighton, Michigan, be sure to read some of the great reviews and statistics. According to, in a study that ranked schools based on their performance on state required tests and how well they prepare students for college, Brighton High School ranked #21 in Michigan and #777 in the United States.

Friendly People

You certainly wouldn’t want to move somewhere and then find out that all the people are awful, right? Well there’s no fear of that if you’re moving to Brighton. The people of Brighton, and Livingston County as a whole, are incredibly kind, welcoming and friendly. Longtime residents can probably remember when Brighton was the only place around that had much in the way of shopping and dining. In the past Brighton only consisted of a small downtown area and a few nearby stores on Grand River. Anything beyond that was undeveloped land. Brighton was small enough that it seemed like everyone knew each other. Although Brighton has grown tremendously, the people have maintained the pleasant and inviting atmosphere that convinced so many to move here in the first place.

Huge Sports Fanbase

Michigan is a state that has very proud fans for each of its sports teams. Because Brighton is in such a prime location, it makes getting to sporting events to cheer on your teams easy. In the major professional sports Michigan is home to the Detroit Lions of the NFL, the Detroit Red Wings of the NHL, the Detroit Tigers of MLB, and the Detroit Pistons of the NBA. Attending any of these sporting events is a wonderful experience and you can always count on an electric atmosphere. In college athletics, the University of Michigan and Michigan State University are both close by and residents in the Brighton area usually pick a side for this intense rivalry. Things really heat up every October when the two in-state rivals play each other in football.





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